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Article of Faith 1
The Godhead
The Godhead consists of three separate individuals who have different roles but are perfectly united in every way.  They are united in their love for us and in their desire for our happiness and success.  They are united in their plan to help us achieve that success.  They are united in their willingness to sacrifice to help us.  They are united in their obedience and in their commitment to truth and righteousness.  They are united in their wisdom, perfection and power.  We can have perfect confidence in their abilities and in their good intentions for us.  This knowledge gives us hope that we can ultimately accomplish our purposes on earth and qualify for eternal life with their help.

God is the father of our spirits.  He is the perfect father and always loves us and does what is best for us.  He has all power, but also all wisdom in the proper use of that power.  He is the object of our worship and the one we seek to become like.  He is the one to whom we pray for help and guidance.  The plan that allows us to come to earth, gain physical bodies and experience mortality is his plan.  He directs the carrying out of that plan but gives his children opportunities to help so that they may grow and learn from the experience.

Jesus Christ is at the center of the plan.  His death and resurrection bring universal resurrection to all of God's children who came to earth.  His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane for our sins makes it possible for us to repent and learn from our mistakes and still qualify for eternal life.  His life is an example that shows us what the Father is like so that we can follow him and become like God.

The Holy Ghost is a spirit and is the medium God uses to communicate with us as he helps us on our journey.  He helps us understand as we pray, read the scriptures and listen to the inspired teachings of others, and he bears witness to the truth so that we may believe.  He guides us, comforts us, strengthens us and helps us to discern between the truth and the lies of Satan.

(For additional insights, read The Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage.)
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